Intellectual Property

QIL+4 Abogados’ IP department is prepared to assist worldwide clients in protecting their intellectual property throughout the Central American region.

Our expertise is strong in matters such as trademark protection, copyright, business sector, and more general strategies for the protection of IP assets. We do not limit our practice to patents, copyrights, and trademark registration, but we also have experience with other IP matters, such as sourcing, trade secrets, data privacy, and litigation with any of the above mentioned.

Our attorneys have proven their experience and their technical expertise. We work along with law firms such as Ladas & Parry and other international IP boutique law firms in trademark matters. We count with more than 10 years of experience specialized in such subjects.

The IP department works along with other departments of the firm, such as the corporate department, tax department, and dispute resolution department in order to protect everything related to the client’s intellectual property.