Dispute Resolution

Attorneys at QIL+4 Abogados are known for their solid litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice, including international, commercial, and investment arbitration. We understand the challenges and risks of dispute management and have handled complex and technical litigation cases for our corporate and individual clients in the areas of civil, commercial, criminal, IP, banking, tax, administrative, and constitutional law.
Our Dispute Resolution practice includes:
Litigation and arbitration counseling in matters ranging from complex, multi-party related to foreign investment;
Regulatory or criminal investigations, stemming from legal controversies;
Local claims and multi-jurisdictional disputes;
Representing clients through all phases of administrative procedures and during the managing of conflict resolution that results from public contracting and concessions;
Domestic and international commercial and investment arbitration, involving different arbitration centers, rules, and fórums;
Representation and counseling in civil, commercial, administrative, constitutional, and unfair competition/antitrust claims and matters;
Alternative resolution mechanisms in conflicts, such as conciliation and mediation, among others; and
Review and analysis of litigation, disputes, contingencies, and risks in due diligence processes.